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2015 Tour of Novato

Saturday, May 2, Downtown Novato

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Welcome to the Tour of Novato and Community Fair, and West Marin Metric Century!

The Tour of Novato and Community Fair and West Marin Metric Century are Novato-wide celebrations of our schools, and a fundraiser to support them.  If you want to participate in a great organized ride that also has a significant impact on local education, then this is the ride for you! This year's event was held on Saturday, May 2nd, in downtown Novato. Fundraising will remain open through May 31.  You can see more photos, and share your own on our Tour of Novato facebook page.  Also, if you participated this year, we would love to get your feedback.  You can use this survey link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/V6RKR7N.

As always, School Fuel, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, works very hard to ensure that we keep the overhead of this event low so that more money makes it back to the classroom. This family-centered cycling event invests 100% of its net proceeds in local classrooms. Click the link below to see an income and expense report for the 2014 event.

2014 Tour of Novato Financial Summary

Family Ride


Donations Close In

You can donate until May 31

Participant Leaderboard

Jeff Moore $2,400

Mike Ikeda $2,220

Karen McCormish $2,120

Team Damazyn $1,940

Eve Cooper $1,795

Team Chyrklund $1,780

Justin Mori $1,635

Sylvia Barry $1,570

Matt Baldwin $1,542

Carol Wise $1,540

All Participants...

School Leaderboard

San Marin High $13,763

Novato High $11,090

Sinaloa $10,888

San Ramon $7,312

Loma Verde $6,674

Pleasant Valley $3,862

San Jose $3,242

Hamilton $2,950

Rancho $2,726

Lu Sutton $2,388

Lynwood $2,204

Good Shepherd $1,618

Novato Charter $418

School Fuel $413

Olive $409

NUSD Early Intervention $211

NOVA $82

Marin Oaks High $75

Saint Isabella $10

All Schools...

Team Leaderboard

Team Bicycle Brüstop $1,152

All Teams...