Welcome to the Second Annual

"Riding for   Our Children's Future"


214 Riders and 2299 Sponsors Have Raised


For Novato Schools

Mike's Bikes

Top 10 Riders

Karen MacDonald

Tom Funke

Michael McIntyre

Greg Costopoulos DDS

Eileen Smith

Mark Uicker

Heather Ophir

Terry Nilsen

Jeff & Shauney Wilson

Mike Ikeda

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School Totals

San Ramon $17,094

Hamilton $13,520

Rancho $13,382

Loma Verde $12,651

Pleasant Valley $9,195

Lu Sutton $8,269

Novato $7,215

Sinaloa $6,756

Lynwood $6,711

San Jose $4,492

Hill $4,080

Olive $3,115

Marin Oaks $2,200

San Marin $1,954

Food & Nutrition $1,870

Novato Charter $1,180

District Office $815

NOVA $45


The 2009 Pan-Napa Challenge was a huge success, raising well over $100,000 for Novato schools.

Thank you to everyone who rode, sponsored, volunteered, or otherwise helped make this event the biggest NUSD fundraising event of the year.

Special thanks goes to:

  • Our sponsor, Mike's Bikes, for providing the bicycle clinic, SAG wagon, top-riders jerseys, and financial support.
  • Steve Wegner of Big Accessories for creating and donating the event T-shirts.
  • Spa Meridian for providing much-needed massages.
  • Santa Rosa Cycling Club for loaning us water jugs.
  • Hamilton Town Festival and Unity in Marin for loaning us canopies.

Sponsorship will remain open until September 1, 2009, after which we will be putting up a new website for the 2010 event. You can still support your favorite rider and contribute to this year's event through September 1. Sponsor a Rider

If you have photos from this year's event that you would like to share on our website, please send them to .

For our 2010 event the Pan-Napa Challenge will be renamed the Tour of Novato.

Welcome to the 2009 Pan-Napa Challenge

The Pan-Napa Challenge is a one-day bicycling event held annually to raise money for Novato schools. The second annual Pan-Napa Challenge will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2009, in our home town of Novato.

Last year eighteen dads got together for a fun day of riding in Napa Valley and raised $28,000 for Hamilton Elementary School. This year we're expanding the challenge to include riders from all 16 Novato schools. Now it's your turn to raise money for your local Novato school. The ride is open to parents, teachers, friends, family, and anyone else who wants to help out. (Riders must be 18 or older.)

How The Challenge Works

Riders sign up to ride one of several routes. We'll have beautiful and fun routes of 10, 25, and 50 miles (or more!). The pace is as leisurely or aggressive as you make it. Remember, this is a ride, not a race, so be safe out there. Learn more...

Rider sign-up for this year's Pan-Napa Challenge is closed.

Donations are collected through the sponsorship of riders. Riders allocate their donations to the schools of their choice. All donations are tax deductible. Net proceeds from the event go to the Novato schools (as allocated by the riders). Learn more...

 Sponsor a rider now!

On the day of the event we all get together for a big party at Novato High School. While your riders are out cranking those pedals there will be food, games, socializing, and plenty of fun for the kids. Learn more...

 Volunteer now!

We hope you will join us for this unique Novato-wide event.

If you have questions, please .

"This is an amazingly easy and painless way for every parent to help the cause."
           - Dr. Jan La Torre-Derby, NUSD Superintendent









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