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197 Riders and 2006 Donors
Have Raised


For Novato Schools

Donations for the 2012 event have closed.

Thank you for your support!

Total Riders: 225

Latest Donors

Nilsen, $25 for Jeff Moore

Fans of PV, $25 for Terry Gavin Brown

Fans of PV, $100 for Julie Spaan

Ivan, Louise, Maya and Owen, $60 for Terry Gavin Brown

Susan, Sydney, Olivia & Dave, $40 for Terry Gavin Brown

Michelle Roberts, $40 for Terry Gavin Brown

Sarah Anderson, $100 for Terry Gavin Brown

Parker and Charlie Allen, $20 for Terry Gavin Brown

Cam, Lucy, Nora & Curt Cravens, $50 for Terry Gavin Brown

Kat Martinez, $25 for Fay and Christopher Kenney

All Donors...

Walker/Rider Leaderboard

1 Mark Peabody $3,752

2 Mike Ikeda $3,210

3 Terry Gavin Brown $2,569

4 Heather and Adam Ophir $2,500

5 Julie Spaan $2,130

6 Sylvia Barry $2,125

7 Eileen Smith $1,985

8 David Gershik $1,905

9 Team Lechner $1,330

10 Michelle Turner $1,315

All Sponsored Participants...

School Leaderboard

1 Pleasant Valley $11,289

2 Sinaloa $11,158

3 San Marin $8,884

4 Lu Sutton $8,072

5 San Ramon $7,410

6 Novato High $7,292

7 Loma Verde $6,408

8 San Jose $4,408

9 Hamilton $4,005

10 Olive $3,208

11 Rancho $2,799

12 School Fuel $1,529

13 Good Shepherd $900

14 Marin Oaks $550

15 Lynwood $549

16 Novato Charter $130

17 NOVA $5

School Goals...


We rode it, walked it, and had fun!

   Thank you to everyone who helped make the 2012 Tour of Novato and FunFair a wonderful day!  You can find some great coverage of the event on the Novato Patch!  We would love to see your photos from event day. You can send them to, and we'll share our favorites on School Fuel's facebook page.

Family Ride

   Thank you to all of our riders, walkers, sponsors, volunteers, business partners, student performers, and particpants.  It was a great celebration of our schools and community.

   We want to remind everyone, that it is not too late to donate.  We will still be accepting donations through the website until May 30.  Please let your sponsors know that it's not too late.  (Some of them may even be waiting to hear back from you that you finished your ride!)

   For those of you who are were not able to get a T-shirt because we ran out of your size, we now have the extra shirts.  They were delivered to the schools on May 22.

   We also have a few lost items that were left behind at the FunFair.  Did your kid come home without shoes or a jacket?  Please contact us at if you are missing something, and we will try to get it to the right place.

  Click the link below to see an income and expense report for the 2011.  We will be posting this year's results by the end of June.