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11 Olive $3,878

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13 School Fuel $1,558

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16 NOVA $340

17 Novato Charter $112

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Welcome to the 2013 Tour of Novato and FunFair!

   The TONFF is a Novato-wide celebration of our schools, and a fundraiser to support them.  This year's event was held on Saturday, May 4th, in downtown Novato. This is a day of fun for all ages that is also the largest single fundraising event for our local schools and a showcase of some of our amazing student talent.

   Thanks to everyone who made this year's event a wonderful day! But don't stop that fundraising yet! This website will be open for donations until June 2, so if you or your school hasn't met its goal, keep sending those e-mails. Let your friends and family know how Novato came together for Novato's students and what an awesome community event this was. If that doesn't work, send them to School Fuel's Facebook page to see the video of the kindergarten Zumba group (we promise, that will do it . . .).

   Also, Bicycle Brüstop has donated an awesome Giant bike, and we still have two 2-month family memberships to Rolling Hills Club to give away.  For every $50 in donations brought in between Saturday, May 4 and the end of the day on June 2, you will receive an entry into the drawing for these great prizes.

   Click on one of the links to the left to learn more or make a donation.  If you still have questions, please contact us at

   As always, School Fuel works very hard to ensure that we keep the overhead of this event low so that more money makes it back to the classroom.  Click the link below to see an income and expense report for the 2012 event.


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