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Go For Gold!!

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Hi wonderful families! This is my second year participating in the Tour of Novato! Last year the 25 mile Tour of Novato was my first bike ride longer than 2 miles! After doing the tour I actually "took up" riding and have come to love it!! As a teacher at San Jose Middle School, I am so excited to ride on behalf of our amazing Science Department and help with the fundraising that helps make so many of our amazing programs happen.
This year I have signed up for the long ride and hope to raise even more money than I did last year!

This is my 1st year participating in the Tour of Novato

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Janna Morbitz, Novato Classic

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Justin Valencia


Good luck!! You can do it!!

Gibson Family


GO SJMS SCIENCE!!!!! Thank you for riding for us.

Emily Everson & Family


Way to go! SJMS Science!

The Christians


Good Luck! Thank you for all you do!

Alma Martinez


The raise just begin

Joshua Pena


Thank you! "Student at SJMS"

John and Molly Griffin


go SJMS !

Sahasra Kalluri


Valerie Crocitto


Thanks for raising money for SJMS science! Have fun!

Sulekha Anand


Way to go!

Nithya Sunku


Thank you Mrs. Morbitz

Poole family


Cam Hobson


We love science!


Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.