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Brendan, Rob and Lori Gianino

My fundraising Goal is $1,000
So far I've raised $766

I'm raising money for: Loma Verde (100%)

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Here we go!!!

Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.

The Gianino family is excited to support our town and our school in the Tour of Novato!

100% of your donation goes directly to our school. Plus, you'll get video of Brendan on his bike squealing with delight, Rob trying to keep up with him, and Lori dominating the streets of Novato on her sweet pink cruiser bike.

This is my 1st year participating in the Tour of Novato

Registered Participants:
Lori Gianino, Family Ride
Brendan Gianino, Family Ride
Robert Gianino, Family Ride

My Supporters - Thank you for your donations!




Paulo, Regina, and Miles!


Go Brendan, go!! Xoxo

Grandma and Grandpa


Go Brendan!!



You guys are so awesome!!!

The Munds


Enjoy the day!!!!

Pressman Family


You guys are amazing! Go Gianino Family!

Helio Alves Junior


Go Brendan!!! Proud of you my friend !

The Iqbal Family


Go Gianino Family!!!

Caroline Perron


Thanks so much for all you do! Have a great bike ride!! :)

Robert & Jeanne Gianino


Enjoy the tour!

Darin Stephens and Brian Laird


The Leongs


Way to go Gianino Family with the pink bike!

The Brills


Go Gianinos Go!

Lisa, Joel, and Charlie


Go Gianinos!!!! XOXOXOXO





Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.