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Tyler Abreu

My fundraising Goal is $500
So far I've raised $755

I'm raising money for: Novato High (100%)

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Novato High Class of 2020

Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.

My name is Tyler Abreu, one of a few class of 2020 representatives for the year of 2017-2018. I am participating in this event in the efforts of benefiting my class. As a team we have decided that the sooner we start fundraising the better off we would be for our next two years at Novato High School. We appreciate anything you do to help. Thank you for all your support. See you out there May 5th.

Yay! I Made My Goal! Thank you!

This is my 1st year participating in the Tour of Novato

Registered Participants:
Tyler Abreu, Downtown Walking Adventure

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Gianna Marino



Seehusen family


Go 2020!!

Jeff and Theresa Figone


Good luck

Jenna's Windsor mama


:) McBride Family

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Great Job Tyler!

Anne Komer


Good for you for doing this, Tyler -- good luck!

The Robinson Family


Go Tyler!!!

Margo Kirkpatrick


Great Job!

Lois and Frank Scali


Good luck Tyler!

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Way to go Leadership !

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Happy to support you, Tyler. Good luck!

Cindi and Ron


Go Tyler!

Wiliomar Abreu


go sophomores!

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Go Big Green!

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go green!!


Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.