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Dale Kline

My fundraising Goal is $500
So far I've raised $400

I'm raising money for: School Fuel (100%)

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Stepping Up for Our Children & Community!

Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.

As a past board member of School Fuel and a parent of two boys who both graduated from the Novato Unified School District, I've had a front row seat of how important it is to continue to invest in our schools. Fortunately School Fuel, through events like this, has been able to enrich the education that every child receives, including funding:
*Elementary School Music Programs
*Middle & High School Grants
*Staff Development
*and much more.

Please join with me in doing everything possible to help enrich and preserve the quality of education that our children deserve!

This is my 7th year participating in the Tour of Novato

Registered Participants:
Lena's Papa, Novato Classic

My Supporters - Thank you for your donations!




Elizabeth Sleath




You Rock Dale!!

Sue Pollock


Thanks for the endless hours you contribute to make this a successful event.

The Amador Family


Thank you for everything you do! See you there!



Thanks for being the energy behind a great event!

Derek Knell


Thanks for everything you do to support School Fuel



Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.