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My fundraising Goal is $500
So far I've raised $20

I'm raising money for: Sinaloa (50%), San Marin High (50%)

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Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.

Hello all our friends and family!
I started back when it was called the Pan-Napa Challenge ;-) with Kate Chassman & John Pinson standing in a kitchen over by Hamilton to learn about this bike ride that sounded fun & supported the schools. It all began with the Pan-Napa challenge, and a very supportive group of dads from Hamilton. The ride ended up here in Novato that year, and I rode the 25 mile for 2 years, then the 16 mile out to Lincoln school and back. Once the kids could ride, we embraced the family ride. This year I will once again tour the town with the family on the 7 mile family ride.

Please support a Demchuk near you :-)

Once again the Demchuk clan is riding to support 2 schools: Sinaloa M.S. & San Marin High School!
Go Mustangs & Saints!
My goal is to get 100 donations of $5.00! Feel free to share this with anyone who loves these schools. No matter how small - no matter how big - your donation is, we will ride our hearts out for our FABULOUS schools!!!!!

Warm regards, Cindy Demchuk

This is my 6th year participating in the Tour of Novato

Registered Participants:
Cindy Demchuk, Family Ride
Alex Demchuk, Family Ride
Tom Demchuk, Family Ride
Claire Demchuk, Family Ride

My Supporters - Thank you for your donations!




Vanara and Reynold Martinez


Have a great ride!


Donations have closed for this year. Thank you for your support.