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Volunteer to Help

Volunteer to Help

As you know, the Tour of Novato is run by volunteers. If you'd like to volunteer, we've got plenty of opportunities for you. If you are a friend or family member of a rider, consider sending them off on their ride and then help us set up for the celebration.

How to Sign Up

Click on the following link to go to the SignUp.com website to see detailed descriptions of the tasks and to sign up for any task(s) that best fit your abilities: SignUp.com

What you can do the Day of the Event

Rescue Wagons

Rescue Wagon volunteers will be stationed at the rest stops and will be dispatched to use their vehicle to assist riders who are unable to continue by giving them and their bike a ride to the next rest stop.


If you're good with a camera we could use at least two volunteers to take digital photos of the riders out on the course and two or more photographers at the celebration and Community Fair.  We will ask for your digital files after the event.

Rider Check-Out/Check-In

We need at least 12 volunteers help get the riders on their way: sign them in, pass out route maps, T-shirts, swag bags, etc. We'd also like to have someone at the finish keeping track of who made it back in.

Rest Stops

The routes this year will require two rest stops. The rest stops will be open varying lengths of time depending upon where they are on the route, with the first rest stops open as early as 8:15am and the last rest stop closing at 1:00 pm.

Traffic & Parking Monitors

Volunteers help control cyclists at key intersections along the route and direct traffic to available parking downtown. This is also a great place for extended family and community members to help.

Set Up

We need at least 20 volunteers to help set up registration and the Community Fair Carnival. If you have a friend or family member riding in the event, here is the perfect opportunity to help while they are on their ride.  This is also a great volunteer activity for high school students.

Community Fair Carnival Games

We will have a variety of games and activities for all ages. If you would like to host or help run an activity, sign up!  This is a great volunteer activity for high school students.

Community Fair Showcase

We need volunteers to set up and run the stage and booths that showcase the talent of Novato's students, teachers, and administrators. This is a great volunteer activity for high school students.


When it's all over we're sure there will be a mess to clean up. We need as many volunteers as possible to help haul out the trash and put away the tables and chairs.  This is a great volunteer activity for high school students or for those with a pick-up truck.

What you can do Before the Event

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights

Participant Support – Each night we will need volunteers to:

  • Assist with sorting, folding, and stuffing swag bags for participants.
  • Assemble registration packets.
  • Assemble Ambassador and Sag Wagon supplies and equipment.

These are great volunteer activities for high school students or for riders who want to contribute to the success of the event!


  1. Early Rider Check In - We need at least 6 volunteers to help get the riders checked in: sign them in, pass out route maps, shirts, wrist bands, etc.
  2. Set Up Road Signs - We need at least 10 volunteers to drive the routes on the Friday before the event and set up mileage and directional signs and arrows for the riders. You must have your own vehicle.
  3. Rest Stops - We need six  volunteers to meet the Friday before the event at 6:00 pm to help organize the snacks for the rest stops.
  4. Errand Runners – We need volunteers to help us pick up and drop off supplies within Novato. You must have your own vehicle (truck or van preferred).

Please if you have any questions or have something else to offer.