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Why Donate?

Why Donate?

100% of the net proceeds from this year’s Tour of Novato event are invested in the programs in the participating schools.  These education enhancements focus on access to state of the art classroom technology; enhancing visual and performing arts opportunities; and promoting increased literacy. This includes:

  • Hardware and software required to achieve this goal
  • Technical support to maintain the technology
  • Professional development needed to maximize its impact on our children’s  education.

If that isn’t enough of a reason for you then you should consider the following facts:

  • It is in everyone’s best interest to provide our children with an education that equips them to be at the forefront of medical, technical, and artistic endeavors and advances;
  • No matter what cause you choose to support, if we don’t inspire today’s students to get involved, the future of that cause is in jeopardy;
  • Co-curricular activities such as clubs, athletics, and performing arts, teach lessons that lead to better citizens, improved attendance, and are a valuable part of the overall education experience;
  • Great schools equal higher property values and a safer community;
  • A well educated community results in a higher quality of living for all;
  • Our children truly are our future.

Since the 2007-08 fiscal year, the state of California has decreased funding to the Novato Unified School District by more than $1,400 per student annually. That is a drop of almost $50 million. This equates to a loss of about $450,000 per elementary school and more than $1,000,000 at a high school annually! In response, class sizes have increased and some classes and services have been reduced and even eliminated.

School Fuel, The Novato Foundation for Public Education, gives us, as a community, an opportunity to take our children's quality of education into our own hands. With private contributions to School Fuel, and your support of events like the Tour of Novato and Fun Fair, many costs that can’t be covered with traditional school funding, will be supported by the foundation.

Help our teachers provide a good education to our children by Registering to Participate or Making a Donation.